How I plan to run for office – Honest as Me.

Running for office is the least aerobic of the socially interactive sports.— Carrie Fisher

“I don’t like what I see going on.” That is the most honest reason anyone should ever run for office. After all, if everything were working as it should there would hardly be any reason to vote. When we vote, we are supposed to be voting for people who embody the changes we desire to see around us.

I am a very different kind of candidate. As a person, I am a mix of this and that, but as a candidate I chose to run as a Libertarian.

Libertarians as a whole are probably not what you think they are. I will try and answer most candidate questions with two key perspectives, what the Libertarian view is and what I believe. Mostly they are one in the same, but sometimes my views may differ slightly. One of the reasons why I am running as a Libertarian is because, while we may have a party platform like the other two major parties, we hold that each person is free to decide how to embody them in their lives. Sadly, the other two parties don’t seem to allow or tolerate their candidates such liberty.

Libertarians are usually known for believing in legalizing marijuana among other drugs. It is the why and how that can divide even Libertarians. Ask me what I believe.

While some Libertarians believe in a total open border idea, I believe in a safe boarder that respects humanity. We as a country can have a filter process by which we can ensure to the best of our ability, a safe screening. This protects both, Americans, and those who wish to enter this great country for all lawful purposes. If you want to discuss this more, call or email me. I love to chat about these things and I try to hold an open mind.

Libertarians believe in self ownership and also a non-aggression principal. These two are very dearly held beliefs that can come into conflict with each other for each person as they define their stance with regard to war, abortion, public health issues and more. I believe we should intelligently extract ourselves from international conflicts that do not pertain to us and end up costing us lives, money, and resources. War in all its forms is an enormously wasteful endeavor. With regards to Abortion and Public Health issues, ask me what I believe. Once again, I have feel I have an open mind, and also I have a sympathetic heart. I understand the struggle this issue is for most people.

Libertarians believe in the right to self-defense. This right is protected by the second amendment to the constitution of the United States. Thus, Libertarians tend to be in favor of a strong defense of our right to own firearms. This also varies accros the spectrum of Libertarians and what they believe and why. Ask me what I believe.

I don’t fit with the dogmatic format for either a Democrat or a Republican. Ask me why I didn’t choose one or the other and my answer may surprise you!

I guarantee we have far more in common as far as beliefs and views that you may even have with your own party! In fact I hold firm that most people deviate from their Party-line in some facet, even quietly, and feel like they are having to make a bargain choice in their candidates. Let me show you why I may just be the best ‘value’ for your VOTE!

Get in touch with me.

Home/Cell: 505-469-6990 (Leave a message and I promise I will return your call)

Or send me a message at

I sincerely would love to hear from you!

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